See what our patients are saying about their time at ACP.

Many people don’t get the care they need to recover. My Car accident caused neck and back pain and after two months of pain medication I began to think I would never recover. Dr. Polacek examined me and diagnosed injured ligaments in my spine His staff are very nice and friendly people that you look forward to seeing. After 6 weeks of care I’m pain free and doing all of my activities I could do before my injuries.
— Tyler B
I was hurt in a car accident a couple of months ago and really wasen’t sure who to turn to. It was my first accident A friend of mine recommended Dr. Joel to me after I told him about the pain I was undergoing. I decided to give him a try and to this day haven’t met a more helpful person. His generosity beyond expected and he was probably the nicest man I’ve ever met. Not to mention how knowledgeable he is in the field he works in. Dr. Joel made me feel really comfortable at his office, despite being rather nervous. He didn’t only relieve me of my pain I’ve been bearing but also went the extra mile by explaining to me how to handle my case. To top it all off i didn’t have to pay a single dime out of pocket because the other persons insurance covered the entire thing. There’s really not one negative thing I can think to say. Even his office is nice! I’m so grateful for all the help Dr. Joel Provided for me and I certainly hope I dont need his services again, but if I do I won.t hesitate to come back. Thanks Guys Your The Best!
— Tanya K.
Awesome, simply awesome. I went to Accident Chiropractic Plus in severe pain and not knowing what to do next. The insurance company was not returning my calls and my car had been totaled. I then received a free consultation with Dr. Joel and then he did the examination and took X-rays. The staff reassured me that they would be in contact with the insurance company and help me. I made an appointment the next day to go over my exam findings and X-rays . Dr. Joel explained everything in detail to me and then gave me the first chiropractic adjustment i had ever received. Instantly I felt some pain relief When I was making my next appointment at the front desk, they gave me a copy of all the insurance information I needed and who to contact at the insurance company. I was able to obtain a rental car the next day. I’m in awe of the level of professionalism that this office had to offer and how fast they were able to get me going in the right direction. They relieved all the stress and frustration I had been feeling and after two months of treatment I have never felt better. I highly recommend Accident Chiropractic Plus for anyone who had been involved in a car accident.
— Janet K.
My first visit to Accident Chiropractic Plus was for neck and back spasms from a car accident . The hospital gave me muscle relaxers and VIcodin, it didn’t help me much. Now Dr. Polacek has helped me and i feel 150% better, the spasms have stopped and I’m pretty much pain free. I’m thankful for Dr. Joel and his great staff.
— Sandy LaPlage