10 Most frequently asked questions following an Omaha/Council Bluffs metro car accident

If you have recently been in an auto accident, you may have sustained a whiplash injury to the cervical spine. While whiplash is most frequently caused by a fender bender, this injury can also be caused by a sports accident or even a roller coaster ride at an amusement park.  Could you be suffering from a whiplash injury? Below, our Omaha /Council Bluffs metro area chiropractor answers your frequently asked questions.


1. Q:  I’ve been to the hospital emergency room and my medical doctor.  Do I really need to see a Chiropractor?

A: You need a doctor who understands car accident trauma and therefore providing the necessary care and diagnosis of auto accident injuries.  Be aware hospital emergency rooms and other types of emergency services will check vital signs, make sure there are no life threatening conditions and release you with pain relief medication.  They do not treat the underlying injuries that can often lead to future pain. That is why Accident Chiropractic highly suggests after your hospital visit you make an immediate appointment with our office.  Our office is dedicated to auto accident victims and utilizes specific forms of care designed for correcting structural damage.


2. Q: I didn’t go to the emergency room and didn’t go to my doctor do you offer emergency chiropractic care and when can I get an appointment?

A: Yes, you can get emergency car accident treatment at Accident Chiropractic even if you haven’t seen a medical doctor or gone to the hospital.  We have same day appointments available.  Give us a call and we will see you today 712-256-4236.


3. Q: What if my car sustained only minor damage?

A: Documented studies performed by car crash experts Arthur Croft D.C., Charles Carroll, M.D. Paul McAfee, M.D and Lee Riley, M.D. revealed that “the amount of damage to the automobile bears little relation to the force applied to the cervical spine (neck) of the occupants.”  In other words, the damage to any of the occupants in the vehicle is not necessarily directly related to the amount of damage done to the vehicle.  That is why all Omaha/Council Bluffs metro auto accident injuries need to be immediately evaluated by a qualified accident chiropractor.


4 . Q: How is Accident Chiropractic Plus different?

A: Our practice primarily focuses on treating patients that have been involved in auto accidents and suffering from musculoskeletal/whiplash type injury conditions.  Our doctor is highly trained in the evaluation, diagnosis and proper treatment of musculoskeletal injuries that often result after an accident.  Although, our primary focus is treating auto accident victims we do not turn patients away who have not been involved in an auto accident but are suffering similar symptoms.  Additionally, our doctor only treats patients that can benefit from his care.  Our doctor will design a specific care plan that will allow for maximum results in the least amount of time.  Your injuries will be accurately documented to ensure that you have everything you or your attorney will need to get you the best settlement possible.


5. Q: How long does it take for whiplash to present symptoms?

A: Whiplash symptoms can appear within days of the car accident or it may take many weeks.


6. Q: If I’m in a car accident should I see a chiropractor even if I don’t display symptoms?

A: Because whiplash can take a long time to surface, car accident victims should see an accident chiropractor even if they don’t feel injured.  The accident chiropractor will be able to tell them if an injury has occurred and will be able to begin treatment right away, avoiding risk of long term injury.  Call Accident Chiropractic for a free consultation. 712-256-4236


7. Q: Why is chiropractic care so effective for auto accident injury treatment?

A: Chiropractic care is highly effective because chiropractic care directly addresses the underlying cause for a patient’s pain rather than covering up pain symptoms with medication.  Drugs are limited in their effectiveness; once medication wears off, pain will return.  Chiropractic adjustments however directly target the spinal misalignment that is causing a patients pain.  For example, a herniated disc that compresses the sciatic nerve will continue to cause pain as long as the nerve compression persists.  Adjustments can relieve pressure on the nerve, which in turn is effective for relieving pain.


8. Q: Who pays for my treatment?

A: Typically, the insurance company for the party who was at fault for the accident will cover treatment costs.  This is why it is very important to receive a full diagnostic evaluation prior to settling with the insurance company.  Early diagnosis also helps ensure that the full extent of your injuries is known prior to settling with the insurance company, which is critical for full treatment compensation.


9. Q: What if the car that hit me didn’t have insurance?

A: When this happens, although it may be upsetting, you are covered under your own insurance in what is called un-insured motorist policy.  You pay each month to have this benefit and this pays for your medical treatment just like the at fault insurance should have.  Our patient coordinators are well trained to determine the level of benefits available to you.  They will thoroughly explain your options so you may make an educated decision about your healthcare.


10. Q: Do you treat patients that have not been in an auto accident?

A: Yes. Although most of our patients have been involved in an auto accident, we do not believe in turning patients away who also are suffering from similar symptoms that we treat everyday.  We offer affordable payment options to all patients that do not have insurance, or have insurance with high deductibles and co pays.  We are extremely proud of the fact that we have never turned away a patient who has needed our care.  We are a family owned business and we treat our patients like family.